The new TDIE bulletin Transport/Europe

TDIE is publishing the first issue of a new series of the bulletin Transport/Europe.

The bulletin Transport/Europe aims to share more widely the information and ideas exchanged two or three times a year between the experts of the observatory on policies and strategies for transport in Europe (OPSTE).

Created in 2001 at the National Transport Council (CNT, a French public body linking the social partners, experts and transport officials), OPSTE tries to offer a better understanding of transport policy issues, first by integrating the European context, and second by improving awareness of the debates and solutions adopted in the countries of Europe (whether they belong to the European Union or not).

A new departure for OPSTE

TDIE aims to contribute to the greater understanding of the directions taken by the European Union in the transport domain, and hopes to improve awareness of the methods for financing and deciding infrastructure projects in Europe. When the CGDD debated the value of maintaining this expert network within its work programme, Michel Savy, director and organiser of OPSTE, and president of TDIE’s Research Council, suggested that TDIE took over the support for OPSTE within the framework of its own observatory functions.

For TDIE, it is a means to enrich the content of its Research Council’s analyses and discussions of the future of transport, mobility and logistics systems, by expanding awareness of methods used in European countries to define objectives and to implement transport policies. Following the work of this network of experts will provide a means to decide what clarifications are called for in the numerous arguments generated in France over transport issues; although the integration of the European transport policy pursues its course, individual governments and countries still have a responsibility for organising their transport systems, according to the principle of concurrent powers or shared competence set out in Article 4 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

Currently, OPSTE brings together experts treating 9 countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the Swiss Federation. TDIE hopes to enlarge this circle to other countries to provide the widest possible view of the different routes being chosen by European governments in developing their transport policy.

A summary report of each OPSTE workshop is produced, and published in French and English, and distributed in the form of a bulletin of about 10 pages.

A first meeting was held on TDIE’s initiative in November 2019, in order to examine with the observatory experts the objectives and directions of their work. On that occasion, they presented a survey of transport events in Europe during 2019, which is the topic of the first issue of the bulletin Transport/Europe in this new series.

View or download the bulletin Transport/Europe No.1:

Forthcoming publications

A second meeting was held in early July 2020 on the subject of secondary rail lines. No.2 of the bulletin Transport/Europe, in preparation, will be devoted to that topic.

The next two meetings will be on questions raised by the evolution of the Covid 19 pandemic in the transport sector, with a survey of the issues followed by an analysis of the strategies introduced to support its revival and the relaunch of the economy.

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20 years of OPSTE bulletins

You can access the 47 preceding editions of the OPSTE bulletin on-line from the website of the Commissariat général au développement durable (CGDD). They will soon also be accessible from TDIE’s website.

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